Name Your Price?

What is “Name Your Price”?

A price for something in one country may seem too high in another country for the same item. On the other hand, some people want to give more support to an artist and don’t know how.

So, Name Your Price. On the suggested price is an estimate of what a similar piece goes for in the US. Type in your price: less if the suggested amount seems too high; more if you want to give more support. You may take the music, try it out, then pay later; or not at all. It’s an honor system.

Do you see a piece that might interest a musician, or perhaps a local orchestra that you know? Send them an email with a link to that page on this site. If you wish to support them, offer to pay for it yourself.

Feel free to share links to appropriate Facebook groups websites and forums of which you are a member. These connections are valuable to website business; getting the product to the people who care about it.

HOWEVER: It is not right to post other people’s work to other websites for the public to take indiscriminately. Let them come here to see the music and descriptions. I update music here and make corrections; I can’t do that for my music posted elsewhere.

And, of course, it’s not right to put your name on someone else’s work. The psychological debt of stealing will hurt you even more than the one you plagiarize.

For a little technical information, see  “A note on copyright”