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Patriotic Piano


Kevin Plays Patriotic Piano

Sing along, or just sit back and enjoy these unique piano versions of American patriotic tunes.
Happy 4th of July, U.S.A.!!!

1. America The Beautiful
2. America  (My Country ‘Tis Of Thee)
3. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
4. God Bless America – Irving Berlin.
5. Armed Forces Medley
6. Yankee Doodle

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Spontaneous Composition


This improvised CD was recorded at home. While perhaps not the best acoustic environment, it was a comfortable one, perfect to Awaken and Ignite a Spark, sending Glowing Embers into Spontaneous Combustion. Whether Dreaming of a Shadow Dance or pondering Burning Questions, The fire of inspiration sent Sparks Flying until a final Stardance gave way to a restful Moonsleep. May this offering of Spontaneous Composition help fire up your inspiration.


  1. Awake
  2. Dreaming
  3. Shadow Dance
  4. Spontaneous Combustion
  5. Burning Questions
  6. Glowing Embers
  7. Ignite a Spark
  8. Sparks Flying
  9. Stardance
10. Moonsleep

This album will be sent as a set of high-quality mp3 files, with metadata for organizing.

Genres: Solo piano, acoustic, instrumental, new age, new classical, improvisation.




“Droplets,” by Kevin Weed, is an album of piano reflections on the play, “The Diviners,” by Jim Leonard, Jr, which is set during the great depression as the dust bowl is making water extremely scarce, hence the irony in the title. The music reflects various moods present in the characters, setting and situations in the play. Rather than imitate music of the time period and locale, Kevin focuses on the inner feelings of the folks in fictional Zion, Indiana, pop. 40.

  • Purchase a set of high-quality MP3 files for $8.00.
  • Directors and sound designers may find these tracks useful for background music or transitional music, and are welcome to use this album for that purpose.
  • Included are the hymn “Shall We Gather At The River” and a rendition of Amazing Grace played very simply on a mountain dulcimer, as called for in the script.
  • The other tracks reflect dramatic tensions and moods which may be helpful in underscoring various scenes or transitions.
  • Tracks 3-6 may be found to make nice prelude music as the audience gathers.
  • Track 1 is a grand overture, and was used for a slide-show of Newport Harbor High School’s 2011 production. 

1. Overture-Zion, Indiana; pop. 40
2. Amazing Grace – on the Mountain dulcimer
3. Morning
4. Country Waltz
5. Birds and Angels
6. Rain Drops
7. Empty
8. Panic
9. Storm
10. Echoes
11. Moonlight
12. Strength
13. Hymn – Shall We Gather At the River
14. Evening

Or course, you may enjoy the music on its own, without the play.

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Celtic Piano


“Celtic Piano” is an album of unique, solo piano arrangements on well-known and loved songs and tunes of Celtic origin or influence.

1. The Butterfly – Irish slip jig.
2. The Fields of Athenry – Pete St. John’s touching song.
3. Irish Reels-Music in the Glen, The Dunmore Lasses, The Banshee
4. Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go? – Scottish air
5. Planxty Fanny Power – Song by the blind Irish harper, Turlough ‘O Carolan.
6. May it Be – by Enya, Nicky Ryan, and Roma Ryan, from “Lord of the Rings,”
7. Into the West – by Annie Lennox, Fran Walsh, and Howard Shore. from “Lord of the Rings.”
8. The High Reel/Star of Munster
9. Londonderry Aire – famous melody used for many songs.
10. Jigs-St. Patrick’s Day, Brian Boru’s March, Garryowen
11. Song for the Mira – by Canadian songwriter, Allister MacGillivray.

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