Kevin Weed, Piano Improvisations Aug 1, 2012.

I am getting ready to release this album properly, with new artwork and packaging.

Here is a 3-minute sample from tracks on this album:

I have long been intrigued by this quote:
Music justifies its existence only in the measure to which it instills harmony into the soul and aids it to comprehend the harmony of the universe. – Plato

This album is a set of original piano pieces, improvised to explore the harmony of the universe and, hopefully, to instill harmony in the soul. These are not jazzy versions of familiar tunes. Musical improvisation happens in many ways for many purposes.  The present pieces were spun out of the first few notes played; developed in whatever way seemed to be interesting, beautiful, enlightening, and, yes, entertaining. Composing is problem solving, puzzle solving, connecting diverse ideas; improvising is all of this done while performing, without being able to go back to put wrong things right on the paper (instead you go ahead and put things right in retrospect!). Add recording to this and you have a real recipe for disaster, or an exciting listening experience.

Kevin Weed, Piano Improvisations Aug 1, 2012 was recorded in the order that they happened, uncut and unedited. Some adjustment was made to reduce wind noise in tracks 1 and 10 from the open window, because I liked having the window open while playing.