Connelly Recordings

Dear Connelly family,
I have loved accompanying you through all our concerts, festivals and trips.
Ah, yes, remember Jarupa Valley, and the MENC convention; and Dehn blasting the radio in the van? good times, good, times.

Well, I recorded many of our performances. There are 22 gb worth of files. Below are links.
You will have many memories as you listen to Concerts at Connelly, St. Boniface and other places; mass in the Duomo and St. Peter’s; “Praise His Holy Name” outside in St. Mark’s Square; the children’s choir in China; our Golden State and Festival of Gold performances; Weston Noble speaking to us in San Francisico; several choirs in New York’s Riverside Church; and many others.
They are organized  by year and performance. Some I did not know what they are, and one folder has several performances all mixed up, oh well; I did my best. Maybe one of you can sort out what I missed.

Click on a link below to download a .zip file. Each contains a whole performance or set of files:


I know you will enjoy these as much as I have.
Kevin Weed