Coming Soon! Download albums: piano, bagpipes, past concerts and newly made albums.


Relax, explore, renew your faith, find singular beauty, be moved,
find your inner space, hear a new perspective, think big, discover …

Each album is a download zip file. You will get high-quality MP3 files that you may transfer to your players, or burn to a CD. Also included is a PDF that has a track list and other interesting information, that you may print and fold into a booklet that will fit into a CD sleeve or case. An example is below. I like having a track list to look at when I am listening to an album.

Do you ever rewind a track on a CD to hear something you missed? I do all the time. But you can’t rewind from the end of the last track ( I am talking about physical CDs here). So I also include a short track of silence called End space. If you burn the album to a CD, this End space track will be the last one, and it gives you a place from which to rewind to hear the end of the last track. Of course this is only helpful on CDs. It is unnecessary on a computer or MP3 player. But I like to have it, and so it is included.

The following link will show you what is included, how you get the album delivered, mp3s, downloading and opening “zip files”, and more:

WEKEVED Records information page.

Example of PDF “booklet.”