Mass for St. Boniface

Mass for St. Boniface was written for the St. Boniface parish in Anaheim, CA; it uses the new, 2010 English translations for the Roman Catholic mass. It features a somewhat challenging accompaniment and has many recurring melodic motives, making a satisfying whole, and helping the congregation to learn the music.

For instance, the melody sung responsorially in the “Lord have mercy” is used in the through-composed “Glory to God” and in later parts. So it will be best to use this “Lord have mercy” before “Glory to God”, rather than omit it or use another setting; this will help the congregation to learn as they go.

The version shown here is just the melody with piano or organ accompaniment.
Also available are:
1) Orchestration – SATB, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, timpani, handbells (this simple 2 octave handbell part f -f” lies mostly in the octave d’ – d”; the parts may be doubled at highes and lower octaves.)

2) SATB vocal parts alone

3) Full orchestration – ask about this.

4) See also Our Father.

Hear a MIDI orchestration, with the Imagination Symphony Orchestra, as you read along below (Gospel Acclamation is missing from this recording)

View a sample of “Mass For St. Boniface;” pages 1-3 of the piano/vocal score.

[pdf 604 700]

Purchase four PFDs. You print for your choir and accompanist.

1) Score with SATB choir and organ or piano. 19 pages. All mass parts including 3 Mystery of faith. Each part is individual, so they can be assembled in a binder, interleaved with other music. Or, they may be printed as a complete booklet.

2) Glory to God with accompaniment and melody only, to reduce page turns for the organist. 4 pages.

3) and 4) Glory to God in 1-page and 2-page formats; to copy for your congregation.