• Amazing Grace for Scottish Highland Bagpipes and Orchestra
  • Largo for String Orchestra and Piano
  • Old World Overture
  • Star Spangled Banner
  • String Symphony
  • The Star Spangled Banner

  • Three Flutes – Novelty piece with orchestra or piano accompaniment – Three flute soloists.

    Celtic Landscape – for 9 violins. easy intermediate.

    For Hanukkah – Ma’oz Tzur for strings.
    This dramatic arrangement for string orchestra incorporates three traditional melodies for the Hanukkah song,”Ma’oz Tzur” also called “Stronghold of Faith” and Rock of Ages.”

    The Star Of The East – for chamber or full orchestra with oboe, English horn and bassoon soloists. 
    “The Star Of The East” by Kevin Weed follows the story of three wise men searching for the baby Jesus, and also our own experience of going after an inspiration. First, we have a brilliant idea; something to build or find. Then we pursue it with enthusiasm. After some time we may get tired or even discouraged. We may want to give up. But if we willingly stay the course, we may find the path of inspiration again and reach the goal.

    Capricious Variations for Violin, Cello, Piano and string orchestra – Written for fine high school students. A one bar theme is developed and shared around  the group. Each soloist gets a variation of his own. 

    Joan of Arc – The End, The Beginning – This uses the same orchestration as
    Fauré’s Requiem (large orchestra). Optional soprano solo sings Joan’s inspiring words