Sacred music

  • Christmas Carol Mass
  • Mass of Courage
  • Our Father-for congregational singing – free
  • Chant Mass
  • Mass – O Come Emmanuel
  • Mass for St. Boniface
  • All masses use new, 2010, revised translation.

    The Temptation of Jesus – a mini opera for Tenor, Bass, Strings and 2 trombones.

    Spirit Divine, Attend Our Prayer – for soprano with flute accompaniment

    See also instrumental pieces suitable for sacred services:

    Prelude on Nettleton – for Flute, Oboe, and Piano

    Meditation – for flute or violin with piano or organ accompaniment

    Prelude for Trinity Sunday – for 2 trumpets and organ

    Joan of Arc – The End, The Beginning – companion to Fauré’s Requiem. Includes an optional soprano solo, singing the words of Joan of Arc.