Can You Love Forever?

A sweet song of mature love. Imagine, perhaps, you are singing to you children or grandchildren; or that God is singing to you.
The first line is taken from a “spiritual formula”: I look at Him (God), He looks at me. In other words, in quiet, still, meditation, with no questions, desires, no asking or begging, no pondering, just being with spirit; know that He is being with you, too.

Can You Love Forever?

I look at you; you look at me, from now into eternity.
I will always love you. Will you always love me too?

When we’re apart apparently, you simply cannot see that
I will always love you.

Even if you run, try to run and hide from me
I won’t hold you back from the things you want to be without me.

I think you’ll see that in the end I’ve only tried to be your friend
I will always love you. Can you love forever too?