Light Armour

– Seven thoughtfully silly songs on the wonderful light verse of Richard Armour. For Mezzo-soprano, piano and clarinet.

  1. Guest Privileges
  2. Frightening Experience
  3. The Pause That Depresses
  4. It’s The Second Door On The Left
  5. Candle Power
  6. So Soon
  7. Come On Now Be Funny

When soprano Judy Bohlen asked me to write some songs based on the light verse of American poet Richard Armour, I couldn’t refuse. Not only because Judy is a dear friend, but also because these little poems are so charming, witty, and funny.

Richard Armour calls his poems, “light verse.” In reading, and laughing, through many of these, we selected seven that we thought would make a good set of songs for soprano, clarinet and piano. Richard Armour’s son, Geoffery Armour, gave his blessing on the project.
In the recordings below Judy Bohlen is joined by Susan Jones (, clarinet, and Sandy Bron, piano.

  • Purchase the piano/vocal/clarinet score  in a printable PDF- $15
  • Click here to download the clarinet part for free: Light Armour Suite – clarinet

Here is the recording session at Adamo’s wonderful studio in Westminster, CA:

And here is the set in recital, May 2011:

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