The Flag Goes By!

  1. The Flag Goes By! Poem by Henry Holcomb Bennett (1863-1924).
    This is a rousing, American patriotic song for SATB and piano; about 3 minutes long. The song depicts a parade with the flag passing by; then thoughtfully recounts what the flag stands for and has meant to so many people. As it says, “More than the flag is passing by.”
    Each stanza is set to different music; highlighting the mood and intent of each. The last stanza returns to the opening theme and our thoughts return to the flag on parade but with renewed enthusiasm and appreciation.
    Band and orchestra accompaniments are also available. Contact Me
  • $10, Purchase a printable PDF, containing:
    • 8-page SATB/piano
    • 5- page voice only
    • 3-page piano only
    • Purchaser may print and copy these files for his/her ensemble.


Hear the Cerritos College choir with Kevin Weed conducting, Margaret Donnelly, piano: