The Rhodora

The Rhodora – Solo, SSA (SA, or unison); This thoughtful poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson asks the beautiful flower why its beauty is hidden in the woods. His answer: ”I suppose the selfsame power that brought me here, brought you.”
Duration is about 2:30. The “Rhodora”  (Rhododendron canadense), is a flower common in New England where the Poet lived.

  • This song originally was written as a song for solo voice. Use the 1st soprano part alone for use as a solo or as a beautiful instrumental piece.
  • Use all parts for an SSA choir, or omit the 2nd soprano part for an SA choir.
  • Or, play the accompaniment alone as a piano or organ solo.
  • Purchase a printable PDF for $5.00. You may copy this for your choir.

It is suitable for church and school.
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