“At Home With Innisfree”

Innisfree: At Home With Innisfree


The Irish band, Innisfree presents, 16 fun, new tracks; not only old favorite traditional Irish tunes (The Boys of  Killybegs and Danny Boy) but newer tunes (Caledonia, Ashokan Farewell).  Click the picture above to hear samples and purchase.
“At Home With Innisfree” was recorded by: Terry Fleming, Terry Doyle, Dennis Doyle, Julie Delaney, Mike Tiffany, Kevin Weed.

Kevin Weed plays piano, penny whistle, Irish flute, and Scottish bagpipes on this album.
In addition, he presents two original jigs on piano and Highland bagpipes: Fisherman and Fisherwomen and The Pelican; an arrangement of Ashokan Farewell for Irish flute and piano, and a symphonic version of Danny Boy for singer, Dennis Doyle.