Ma’oz Tzur



In your receipt email will be links to the 3 PDFs:

  • SATB with piano, 8 pages
  • SATB parts alone, 4 pages
  • Piano part alone, 3 pages, to save page turns.

This well-known, traditional song for Hanukkah is presented here in an arrangement for choir with a dramatic piano accompaniment.
One verse is given in in Hebrew and two in English.
The second English verse is the translation of the Hebrew.

This arrangement may work well a capella, without piano. Include it in your caroling packet. It would make a nice solo piece as well.

Several web sites, including the wikipedia page for Ma’oz Tzur, have more verses, translations, pronunciations, and interesting historical background material.

Maoz tzur y’shuati
L’cha naeh l’shabeyach,
Tikon beyt t’filati,
V’sham toda n’zabeyach.
L’eyt tachin matbeyach
mitzar ham’nabeyach,
Az egmor b’shir mizmor,
hanukat hamizbeyach.
Az egmor, b’shir mizmor
Chanukat hamizbeyach.

Children of the wanderers
whether free or fettered
wake the echoes of the songs
Where you may be scattered.
Yours the message cheering
That the time is nearing
Which will see all men free
Tyrants disappearing.
Which will see all men free
Tyrants disappearing.

Rock of ages, let our song
Praise your saving power.
You amid the raging foes
Were our shelt’ring tower.
Furious they assailed us
But your arm availed us.
And your word broke their sword
When our own strength failed us.
And your word broke their sword
when our own strength failed us.