Celtic Epic for Bagpipes and Band

Celtic Epic for Bagpipes and Band is a journey through the many moods of music of the Scottish Highland bagpipes. It is a 3-movement concerto for Highland pipes with concert band; length is about 11:20.

1. The first movement starts with a majestic fanfare; a sweeping view of Celtic lands, castles, farmlands,
islands, lochs, mountains, frigid coastlines. Then into a march tempo of work, travels and battles.

2. The second movement begins with a lament; a short memorial “piobaireachd” for those that have fallen in battle, or
otherwise passed on. This is followed by a gentle melody, like an old air in memory of good times and good people.

3. The third movement is an Irish jig; a dance and celebration of good health. A re-statement of the first themes
reminds one to be wary of hard times that can come at any time, but can also be overcome again.

MIDI version. Live pipes with Finale/Garritan:

Premiere performance, June 2013:

Celtc Epic PREVIEW