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This page has information about albums available here on

The “album” you purchase will not be a vinyl LP, nor a physical CD, but will be a set of digital audio files, packaged in a folder call a “zip file.”
After your purchase, you will be sent an email that will have the link for you to get your files. This keeps everything safe and secure.
On the email, click the link and save the “.zip” file to your computer.
On Mac OSX, double-click the file to expand it.
On Windows 10, select the files and drag them
out to save them to your preferred location.
Or right-click the file and “Extract All”.

I think this should be done on a computer, not a phone or tablet.
After downloading and unpacking the zip file, then you can put the tracks where you like, or burn them to a cd.

If this is too technical, you might ask a friend that understands these things. It’s not difficult, but it can be confusing if you are not used to it.

There are too many systems for me to be able to help you with all possible problems.
If you have a different setup, you may need to
learn how to open “zip files” on your system before ordering.

These albums will be sent as a set of high-quality mp3 files (320Kbps)
You may burn these files to a CD and/or play them on any
computer/mobile device. These mp3 files have metadata for organizing.

A blank “End space” file is placed after the last
track, to allow rewinding from the end on an audio CD. 
This is really nice when you want to go back and
listen to just the end of the last track. It has always
annoyed me that I could not do this.
So make sure you include it in the burn list.

Each album comes with an information sheet, as a PDF, that you can print and fold into a booklet to fit in a CD sleeve or case. Here is an example:

A little about me and recording:
I have been an accompanist most my life. But I
have done some solo recitals and concerts.
And I have recorded some albums at home,
many of an improvisational nature.

The live recital recordings may have tape hiss,
and mistakes, but there are some good moments.
Some of you may have attended these and
I thought you might enjoy hearing them again.
And if you are used to hearing me accompanying
choirs and musical theater, this might be a nice change.

The piano used on many of my recordings was
made in about 1895 by the Kranich & Bach
Piano Company of New York. It was rebuilt by
Harry and John Oquist in 2000. We think it has an “old world charm” in its sound.

Kevin's Piano