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Spontaneous Composition

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This improvised CD was recorded at home. 
While perhaps not the best acoustic
environment, it was a comfortable one. May this
offering of Spontaneous Composition help fire up your inspiration.


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“Droplets,” by Kevin Weed, is an album of piano reflections on the play, “The Diviners,” by Jim Leonard, Jr, which is set during the great depression as the dust bowl is making water extremely scarce, hence the irony in the title. The music reflects various moods present in the characters, setting and situations in the play. Rather than imitate music of the time period and locale, Kevin focuses on the inner feelings of the folks in fictional Zion, Indiana, pop. 40. 

Clementi Sonatinas op.36

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These six charming sonatinas have long been staples of the piano repertoire for younger pianists. I have always enjoyed them and am glad to be able to offer them as a set.

Celtic Piano

Celtic Piano cover art
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Celtic Piano” is an album of unique, solo piano arrangements on
well-known and loved songs and tunes of Celtic origin or influence.

Bagpipes at NHHS

New NHHS Tower

I recorded several solo bagpipe pieces in the natural environment of the old Newport Harbor High School inner courtyard. This is now gone because the whole building was demolished and rebuilt for earthquake safety.

Senior Recital, August 17, 1980

My piano teacher, the late Leigh James Unger, arranged for a recital on the new 9′ Steinway at California State University, Fullerton, just after my high school graduation. This album is a set of high-quality mp3 files, digitized from the cassette tape of the 1980 recital in the Recital Hall of CSUF.
Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Hindemith, some ragtime, and a Waltz by me.

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Patriotic Piano

Circle Piano Flag
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Patriotic Piano” Kevin Weed plays solo, acoustic piano versions of familiar patriotic songs from the USA.