Bagpipe Concerto – 3-movement, classically conceived concerto for Scottish highland bagpipes and medium-sized symphony orchestra.

Celtic Epic – For Highland bagpipes and concert band.

Capricious Variations – Violin, ‘cello and piano with string orchestra. A 7-minute set of variations on a very short motiv.

Keyboard Concertos:

Concert Piece for Piano and Band – Single movement concerto for piano and concert band, high school or above.

Harpsichord Concerto – now called Keyboard Concerto #1 in D – 10-minute, 3 connected movements. Originally for harpsichord, but possible for any solo keyboard instrument. Easy string orchestra parts.

Keyboard Concerto #2 in D minor – Three distinct movements, For piano or adaptable for other keyboard instruments.

Organ Concerto – About 19 minutes long. Written for a 3-manual church pipe organ with medium symphony orchestra.


Three Flutes – Charming novelty piece for 3 flute soloists and orchestra. about 4:30 long.

Rondo for French Horn and Band – About 7:30 long.