Creative Accompaniments

Kevin’s Creative Accompaniments

You have written a song. The lyrics are written out. You can sing the melody and hear the accompaniment in your head, but you need help recording the instruments.
There are many great options including hiring a band at a recording studio or having someone simulate a band with MIDI instruments.

Consider a live, acoustic piano version of your song, one that flows with the mood and pace of the song, one that can be free of a metronome click track, one that sounds like a real person really playing your song on a real grand piano, because it is!

Kevin Weed can create a unique piano accompaniment for your original song for a fraction of the cost and time of other options.

A beautiful, unique, literally hand crafted and recorded piano track has many uses.
When I send your track for your original song, you may:

  • Perform live with it.
  • Record your voice over it, for your CD, YouTube video, or as a gift for someone special.
  • Post on Soundcloud, Bandhub, Vimeo.
  • Use in Classrooms.
  • Sell it.
  • Use it to teach others your song.
  • Give it to band members to hear the style, tempo, dynamics, introduction, flow.
  • Use it to guide a recording session. And then remove the piano track from the final mix.
  • Listen to it over and over because it is your song!

For TV and movie placement, extra care is needed with details specific to the need.

A note about recording with a band: Most pop songs are recorded to a click track. This keeps the tempo strictly consistent and I often record this way. It makes a song more dance-able and helps to keep all the parts in sync in a recording session.

But some songs need more freedom, rubato, speed-ups and slow-downs, accelerando and ritardando, holds, fermatas.  If this suits your song, I’ll record without a metronome and let the mood lead the music. I can record to your singing, if you like. Then the solo piano will match the way you want to sing your song. In addition, the piano track can be the “organic click track” for a session with other musicians, even if you don’t want piano in the final mix. Use my piano track as the reference for the other musicians to play along with. As they record their tracks while listening to mine, they will follow the tempo changes. Then use or discard my track as sounds best.

I generally ask $60 for a song of about 3 minutes. This includes time to talk and listen to what you have, discuss musical choices, practice, recording, delivery and one “do over” (a second version).
Please email me first to discuss what you would like.
[email protected]

I will do audition cuts, covers, tracks for published songs, pop, jazz, classical, musical theater, opera, religious, but these are not to be posted or sold without appropriate rights.
These can be done very quickly, if timing with my schedule happens to be right. See Kevin’s Quick Tracks.

Musically yours,
Kevin Weed