“Antiphonal Sonata” for Brass and Organ

Antiphonal Sonata for Brass and Organ (c. 6:33) was written for the same concert as Kevin’s Organ Concerto2009.
It is in three Baroque-style movements, each structured for effective use of the antiphonally placed instruments:

1. Procession, Allegro, 4/4.
2. Chaconne,  a kind of continuous theme and variations in a moderately slow 3/4.
3. Dance, Allegro 3/4 time; almost, but not quite a Gigue.

  • Version 1: 3 trumpets, 3 French horns, 3 trombones, tuba, Organ.
  • Version 2 (2012) : 4 trumpets, 3 trombones, tuba, organ

Please Contact Me for score and parts:

  • ZIP file containing PDF’s of score and parts – $55
  • The purchaser may print and copy parts.

Here is a MIDI version using Finale and the Garritan Personal Orchestra:

The following video of the first performance shows the set-up of the musicians:

3 Horns – front left,                    3  Trumpets – front right

3 Trombones and 1 tuba in the choir loft at the back, with the organ.