Unison choir,treble Voices, SA, SSA, SSAA

  • “Are You Kidding Me?” – 8 clean, jokes and riddles
  • “Will” poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  • 2 part – “Irish Blessing”
  • SSA, SA or unison – “The Rhodora”
  • Unison (mostly) – “The Pioneer”
    •  Unison – Four Emily Dickinson Songs.
      Here are four of Emily Dickinson’s charming, short poems set to music easy enough for a young student choir, and musically varied enough for an adult singer to include in a recital.

      • A Bird Came Down The Walk
      • A Narrow Fellow In The Grass
      • I Never Saw a Moor
      • God Permit Industrious Angel
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    • Hail, Holy Mother – SSA with organ