Spontaneous Composition


This improvised CD was recorded at home. 
While perhaps not the best acoustic environment, 
it was a comfortable one, perfect to Awaken and Ignite a Spark, 
sending Glowing Embers into Spontaneous Combustion. 
Whether Dreaming of a Shadow Dance or pondering 
Burning Questions, The fire of inspiration sent 
Sparks Flying until a final Stardance gave way to a restful 
Moonsleep. May this offering of Spontaneous Composition 
help fire up your inspiration.


  1. Awake
  2. Dreaming
  3. Shadow Dance
  4. Spontaneous Combustion
  5. Burning Questions
  6. Glowing Embers
  7. Ignite a Spark
  8. Sparks Flying
  9. Stardance
10. Moonsleep