Keyboard Concerto in D

For harpsichord, or any keyboard solo and string orchestra:

2 violins, viola, ‘cello, bass, solo harpsichord; c. 10:27.

Often school orchestra directors would like a way to include a pianist. This is a great piece to highlight a student or guest adult pianist, organist, keyboard player, or harpsichordist.

This piece was written to be very easy for a high school orchestra with few rehearsals, though college, community and professional ensembles may find it to be a charming addition to a concert or recording project.
Although written for harpsichord, the solo part could be played on any keyboard, piano or organ. The soloist should adjust dymanics, articulations, and tone colors to best compliment the instrument and accompanying orchestra. It is written in three movements, but the intention is to play through the piece with no stops. You may can omit the usual listing of movement tempo markings in your printed program.
The string parts are quite easy. However, the second movement is primarily a duet between solo violin and harpsichord.
I wrote this as a Harpsichord Concerto to be an instrumental addition Corona Del Mar High School’s Spring 2009 vocal concert which included Vivaldi’s Gloria, with the Madrigals and string orchestra. Since the trouble had been taken the arrange for a harpsichord (thanks to Rick Soto and Ron Gagliano), we thought it would be good to highlight the instrument in some sort of concerto. Of course, I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to write a new piece for the occasion.
Enjoy, and let me know how your performance goes!

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Kevin Weed

All page turns have been carefully planned. Print letter size, or A4, double-sided (odd pages on the right side) and punch for a 3 ring binder. Best of all, use the “booklet” function with ledger (17” x 11”) paper if your copier allows it.

  • Solo Harpsichord part alone – free on request. Contact me.

Listen to a MIDI version or watch the performance video, and scroll along in the score below:

Harpsichord Concerto PREVIEW