The Kevin Weed Trio –

Pianist Kevin Weed has teamed up with André Rossignol, guitars and bass, and Jeff Segal, percussion. They specialize in original, acoustic, instrumental music, and improvisations on jazz, folk, and other popular styles.

Individually, Kevin, André and Jeff play numerous musicals and concerts every year in every style of music; and numerous church services each week.

Richard Cook and Kevin Weed –

Richard Cook and Kevin Weed team up for an amazing variety of Irish and Scottish instrumental music, traditional and contemporary, in old and new styles. The Southern Californian duo combines bagpipes, penny whistles, piano, keyboard and organ in different ways to provide hours of enjoyable music. They are both church musicians as well and regularly play for many different kinds of religious services. Their experiences in performances, recordings, TV and movies keep them current in new music.

Richard Cook plays Scottish Highland bagpipes, uilleann pipes, whistles and other folk instruments. Here is his website:

Kevin Weed plays piano, keyboard and/or organ, depending on the venue. He plays Highland pipes and penny whistles as well. You are on his website now. lol.

Kevin Weed, solo –

Keith Jarrett has inspired Kevin to take improvising to far reaching realms – shows, church services, whole compositions, many styles, classical, romantic, jazz, improvising on a theme written by an audience member, or making a melody out of random notes. It’s more fun to just sit and make up a concert than have to practice so many pieces!

For over 26 years, Kevin has been one of the busiest musicians in Orange County, and he is available to help you with your project.
Here are some ways he can help:

  • Music for weddings, memorials, religious services – piano, organ, Scottish highland bagpipes.
  • Accompaniment for vocal and instrumental recitals, auditions, recordings
  • Coaching singers and instrumentalists to prepare for recitals.
  • Musical direction/conducting for music theater/opera.
  • Guest conducting for choral and instrumental groups.
  • Recording of accompaniment tracks.
  • Lessons.
  • Composing new works, songs, pieces for concerts, recordings, theater, film.