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Please email me with questions, concerns, and great stories about performances of music available on this website.
If you have a link to a recording online of one of my compositions, I may be able to include it on the appropriate page.

If you need immediate help with a purchase, or if you want to hire me, Text or leave a message at (714) 337-9874

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Accompanying Notes is the journal of notes on ideas and thoughts I collect and invent during my daily work as a musician, and notes on thoughts that accompany me throughout the day and life.

You will find playlists for compositions, specific instruments, voice, piano covers, humor, etc.

Since you are here on the right website, you don’t really need these Facebook pages, but here they are if you like.
Kevin Weed – Composer Facebook page @WEKEVED where updates and new events are posted.
@OCPiper is my bagpiping Facebook page.