Blessed Spirit Teach Thou Me

This song, with flute and piano accompaniment, was suggested, and commissioned, by friend and soprano, Judy Bohlen.

Lyrics by Fanny Crosby

Thou proceedest from the Father
And Thy office is divine;
Blessed Spirit, truth’s great teacher
O, instruct this heart of mine.

To the school of heav’nly wisdom
Let me now admitted be.
And that I may learn with meekness
O, impart Thyself to me…

How to feel a deeper rev’rence
For my Savior and my Lord
How to lean with more devotion
On the comfort of His Word.

How to labor for His glory.
How my hope may stronger be
How to walk with Him more closely
Blessed Spirit, teach Thou me.

Teach me, when beset by evil,
How the tempter’s wiles to shun.
Teach me, in the hour of trial,
How to say God’s will be done.

Teach me how by patient striving
Light to others I may be
Every Christian grace and virtue
Blessed Spirit, teach Thou me.