Clementi Sonatinas, op. 36

Muzio Clementi 1752-1832

These six charming sonatinas have long been staples of the piano repertoire for younger pianists. Clementi was one of the first to compose specifically to the strengths of the rather new, at the time, pianoforte. He also improved the piano with his own inventions, and published music.


1. C major – Spiritoso, Andante, Vivace.
2. G major – Allegretto, Allegretto, Allegro.
3. C major – Spiritoso, Un Poco Adagio, Allegro.
4. F major – Con spirito, Andante con espressione, Rondo: Allegro vivace.
5. G major – Presto, Air Suisse: Allegro moderato, Rondo: Allegro di molto.
6. D major – Allegro con spirito, Rondo: Allegretto spiritoso.
7. End space – (to allow rewinding from the end of an audio CD)

Enjoy a playlist of the album here:


  • Six high quality mp3 files. Each Sonatina is one track.
  • An additional track , track 7, called end space is included to
    allow rewinding from the end of track 6 on a physical CD.
  • A printable, fold-able booklet
  • Album artwork and metadata for organizing.

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