Celtic Piano

“Celtic Piano” is an album of unique, solo piano arrangements on well-known and loved songs and tunes of Celtic origin or influence.

  1. 1. Winter’s Dance – by Kevin Weed
  2. 2. Irish Reels-Music in the Glen, The Dunmore Lasses, The Banshee
  3. 3. The Butterfly – Irish slip jig.
  4. 4. Planxty Fanny Power – Song by the blind Irish harper, Turlough O’ Carolan.
  5. 5. The Fields of Athenry – Pete St. John’s touching song.
  6. 6. Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go? – Scottish air
  7. 7. The High Reel/Star of Munster
  8. 8. May it Be – by Enya, Nicky Ryan, and Roma Ryan, from “Lord of the Rings,”
  9. 9. Into the West – by Annie Lennox, Fran Walsh, and Howard Shore. from “Lord of the Rings.”
  10. 10. Londonderry Aire – famous melody used for many songs.
  11. 11. Jigs-St. Patrick’s Day, Brian Boru’s March, Garryowen
  12. 12. Song for the Mira – by Canadian songwriter, Allister MacGillivray.