“Droplets” – Piano music for “The Diviners”

Droplets cd artwork 2  small

“Droplets,” by Kevin Weed, is an album of piano reflections on the play, “The Diviners,” by Jim Leonard, Jr.  The music reflects various moods present in the characters, setting and situations in the play. Rather than imitate music of the time period and locale, Kevin focuses on the inner feelings of the folks in fictional Zion, Indiana.

Purchase the album

  • Purchase the CD in a set of downloaded MP3 files, and artwork for $8.00 (in a “zip” file).
  • Hear a sample on YouTube with slide show from Newport Harbor High School’s 2011 production
  • Directors and sound designers may find these tracks useful for background music or transitional music, and are welcome to use this album for that purpose.
  • Included are the hymn “Shall We Gather At The River” and a rendition of Amazing Grace played very simply on a mountain dulcimer, as called for on the script.
  • The other tracks reflect dramatic tensions and moods which may be helpful in underscoring various scenes or transitions.
  • Tracks 1-4 may be found to make nice prelude music as the audience gathers.
  • Track 5 is a grand overture, and was used for a slide-show of Newport Harbor High School’s 2011 production. 
  • Consider doing a fundraiser: Use this album for your production, sell 10 album downloads or 20 track downloads or more, and Kevin Weed will donate back 51% to your drama program.
  • Just ContactMe to let me know when and where your production is; and to whom to send a check or PayPal payment. I will look out for the sales in your area.