‘Cause We Are Friends

Cause We Are Friends was written for a high school film, written and directed by teachers for the 9th grade Da Vinci Academy. While production values were notoriously low, I did manage to write some good music, and we liked this song. It comes at the very end, when the main characters, who have been rivals, even enemies, help each other and become friends.

Best for two-part treble choir: middle school, a good elementary group, young high school SA choir. You may use soloists.

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Contact me if you need a performance track.

This cute 2-part song comes from a movie we made at school. The main characters were rivals and even enemies until they had to work together. Then they understood that their differences did not matter very much.
Originally a duet, I arranged it for 2-part treble choir. You might divide the choir in half visually and have each side sing to the other, back and forth.
The piano accompaniment is full, and a little challenging, perhaps, but I included chords, so you can simplify.